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Chatting, mungkin sudah tidak asing lagi bagi para cyber. Nah, mumpung lagi niat ngorek dan nulis, aku coba deskripsikan nginstall bahamut buat server IRC. Yah… buat intranet aja. Hal pertama yang saya lakukan adalah mendownload file bahamut pada official websitenya download dah file terbarunya… :p

Pada percobaan ini aku menggunakan mesin FreeBSD 5.4, dan untuk software bahamut, aku pake bahamut-1.8.4-release.tar.gz. Berikut langkah-langkah installasinya :

ns-rody# tar xzvf bahamut-1.8.4
ns-rody# cd bahamut-1.8.4
ns-rody# ./configure –prefix=/usr/loca/ircd

checking for gcc… gcc
checking for C compiler default output… a.out
checking whether the C compiler works… yes
checking whether we are cross compiling… no
checking for suffix of executables…

… dst dan akhirnya …
******* Bahamut Configuration Settings *******
System Build Type: i386-unknown-freebsd5.4
Socket Engine Type: kqueue
Encryption: enabled
Loadable Modules: enabled

Maximum Connections: 7322

Install Directory: /usr/local/ircd
ns-rody# make && make install
Building zlib
gcc -O3 -DUSE_MMAP -c adler32.c
gcc -O3 -DUSE_MMAP -c compress.c
gcc -O3 -DUSE_MMAP -c crc32.c
gcc -O3 -DUSE_MMAP -c gzio.c
…. dst dan akhirnya
Now edit /usr/local/ircd/template.conf
and move it to ircd.conf – and you’ll be all set.
See the doc/ directory and the INSTALL file for more assistance
Thank you for choosing Bahamut!

Setelah selesai instalasi bahamut, yang harus dilakukan selanjutnya adalah konfugasi pada server irc ini. Edit file template.conf lalu simpan sebagai ircd.conf. Konfigurasi yang penting-penting aja.


/* server name and administration info */
global {
name bengkel.ngoprek; # IRC name of the server
info “located on earth”; # A short info line

admin {
“Server IRC nya bengkel ngoprek”; # Three information lines sent
“Administratornya Rody”; # in reply to ADMIN command

/* server options */
options {
network_name bengkel-chat; # A name is needed even if not linked
local_kline; # Contact email for server bans
show_links; # Show servers in LINKS
allow_split_ops; # Give ops in empty channels

// use these options when services is on the network
services_name services.NS; # Name of services (NS/CS/MS/RS) server
stats_name stats.OS; # Name of stats (OS/SS/HS) server
network_kline; # Contact email for network bans
nshelpurl “”; # Nick registration help page

// if you need to link more than 1 server, uncomment the following line
# servtype hub;
/* where to listen for connections */
port {
port 6667; # Port to listen on
bind; # IP address to listen on

/* more listening ports */
port { port 6668; bind; };
port { port 6669; bind; };
port { port 7000; bind; };

/* allow clients to connect */
allow {
host *@*; # Allow anyone
class users; # Place them in the users class

/* connection class for users */
class {
name users; # Class name
maxusers 100; # Maximum connections
pingfreq 90; # Check idle connections every N seconds
maxsendq 100000; # 100KB send buffer limit

/* connection class for server operators */
class {
name opers;
pingfreq 90;
maxsendq 500000; # 500KB limit for opers

/* the server administrator */
oper {
name rody; # Username
passwd harapan; # Password
access ns-rody; # Server Administrator
host *@*; # Must be connecting from here
host *@*; # Or from here

// insert other other hostmasks here
class opers; # Belongs in the opers class

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